smoke hollow 30" electric smoker

Discussion in 'Electric Smokers' started by gargra03, Dec 26, 2009.

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    I do not own one of these but a Bunch a folks will be along shortly with their 2 cents.

    This hobby is very addicting, get the largest one you can afford or have someone you can "loan" your first one to if you out grow it. Bigger is better.
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    My son just got one a couple of months ago. It does a good job, but is kind of small. Our Gander Mt just had a clearance on Browning Smoke Vaults gas fired (24" width), for $188. I picked one up and love it. Craig can't justify buying another smoker, but said he would pay $50 more for the larger gas job. Still, it does do a good job, and we had no problems getting it up to temperature when it was a little below freezing out.
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    I was looking at them at Gander today. Why is the electric isulated and the propane just a tin box? I would think no insulation would make it harder to keep temps consistant. I'm debating on the smoke hollow versus masterbuilt. I know the digital mes has it's pros but is much more expensive. I have spent two days driving all over looking and still havent brought one home! Went to Sam's today and they didnt have anything except one side burner in stock.
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    I have to say that I own this smoker and so far I haven't had any real problems with it. Gives a nice smoke flavor with the finished product. Only con I have with it is the fact that the dang thing leaks everywhere. It has a drip pan on it but everytime I use it, it leaks all over the place out the front and back. Allmost like I need to through some floor dry down first. Kind of a pain in the a$*. I have a friend who has the same smoker and it does the same thing to. 2 cents..
  7. I've got this smoker and I have the same problem. I just lay down a square of cardboard under it and does fine. I got mine for Christmas , and this is my first smoker. I've smoked a few things on it already and it works great.
  8. I have a smoke hollow #6.I believe it is the bigger of the 2 gassers.I had to put a wood stove seal around the door and got ahold of customer service and they sent 2 new vents and anew regulator free of charge.When I first recieved it I could'nt get the temps down.Now it works for about everything but sausage.The cardboard is key[​IMG] Raymond
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    I have the smoke hollow #5 gasser and love it. Does what I tell it from 220-350 and just sits there.
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    I'm really beginning to wonder if the answer might be to build my own. It seems almost every smoker that someone talks about has some sort of issue that requires either a modification or dealing with someone's customer service department. Is it too much to expect that something works as it should right out of the box? I can't believe the quality issues I'm hearing about! [​IMG]

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