Smoke German sausage cold or cook it?

Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by jowen72, Jan 8, 2016.

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    Just got a new Bradley 6 rack smoker.  Going to be making some German sausage soon.  Friends have done this in past for me in their smoke shack, but I've never done it myself.  When they do it they don't cook it, but I also know that it's not cold smoked.  I want to say their cook shack is around 130 or so degrees.  I don't want the sausage cooked, I can do that later when it's time to eat it.  So is it better to keep the temp as low as I can or better to add some heat to it? 

    Also, after the sausage is stuffed, should I let it sit for a while or is it ok to smoke it right away?  Then once it's smoked is it ok to wrap it and freeze it right away?  I've also heard it's best to rinse the smoked sausage in cold water right away but I'm not sure what that's about.  Thanks for the advice, I really don't want to mess this up.
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    I'm not familiar with German sausage, but if your going to smoke it you must use cure#1. Make sure the recipe your using calls for that.

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