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Discussion in 'Cheese' started by wajski, Feb 29, 2012.

  1. I want to smoke cheese in a char broil smoker(round)? is I am thinking of a smoke daddy to generate smoke. I have aM/B smoker for meat so this will be cold smoke only. 8" or BigK  thanks Walt
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    Most of us use the A-MAZE-N pellet & dust smoker for cold smoking. The owner of the company is a member on here & it's a quality product with exceptional customer service. Here's a link.
  3. Going to fab my own. I have 21/2" alum pipe ordered air pump and pipe plugs $65 + my time same as smoke daddy. I will post when finished.  Walt
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  5. I built one also. Went to local exhaust shop and for 20$ bought pipe and ends. I basically paid for them to weld up the ends of the caps for me. Installed a bunkhouse fitting on one side and welded another fitting on the other side for air in. Works great after I figured out the pellet/chip/coal ratio. If I full it up right I can get about 8 hrs of smoke. Good luck w/the build.

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    AMNPS for cold smoker OR hot smoking!

    Wouldn't go any other way.

    No fuss no Muss.

    I have a Smoke Pistol also but it is now a dust collector.

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