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  1. I am looking for some input to shorten my learning curve. I just orderd a smoke generator. I cook on a green mountain pellet smoker. I am looking for advice on smoking time for the generator. I will set my pellet smoker at 150. Then I will start The generator with 75% cherry and 25% lump. Open all vents and get some smoke flavor. I don't want to overpower my meet with smoke but I do want to tast it. I will do baby back ribs and I will do pork shoulder. My question is how long should I run the generator to get a smoke flavor but not overpowering.
    Thanks gary
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    Welcome to the forum,  It would be nice to be able to become a pro smoker the first time we do a cook, but we do have to deal with reality.  One cannot tell another how long a product should be smoked as there are many variables needed to know to even make a guess.  Things that need to be determined are such as your desired taste, the type and amount of wood, the color and density of the smoke and product being cooked.  Personal experience will be your best teacher and you will want to keep good notes on everything you do.  The best advice would be to start out with short times in smoke and build from there, it will all still be good even with a very light smoke.

    Maybe the following will help you understand smoking.  The time taken to read the following may help you save time and frustration later.

     Understanding Smoke Management - updated 12/08/14

    Have fun  and enjoy your cooks.


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