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Discussion in 'Pork' started by smokingabroad, Sep 7, 2014.

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    And a good Sunday Morning from  Deutschland! Its a great day to smoke some meat, but then again, what day isn't? I will be smoking a rack of spare ribs this morning, rubbed it down with my own pork rub. Going to be using the 3-2-1 method, coating it with butter and brown sugar when its wrapped. I am smoking these fine slabs of meat in my El Cheap-o Char Broil vertical smoker that I have modified.

    Before this smoke the mods I have used are:

    - Higher quality in-door thermometer

    - Grill wok as fire pan

    - Sandbox sand in water pan

    With these mods I managed to smoke some great Q, but I noticed I was losing a lot of smoke from around the doors so I just added some of the green egg felt seal last week, this is the first smoke since. I loaded up the fire box as normal, went out to check and I was pegged out on the thermometer over 475* WHAT A DIFFERENCE! 

    Currently waiting on my temps to drop down so I can throw the ribs on, here they are patiently waiting. 

    More pictures to come in 3 hours or so
  2. smokingabroad

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    Forgot to mention, I am smoking with Hickory chunks and cherry chips
  3. smokingabroad

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    So here we are after 3 hours. I can't tell you enough how big of a difference that felt made. Usually I have to tend to my coals every hour or so to keep a steady temp of 250-300, I have not touched it until just now, temp was still at about 240 so I threw a couple coals on before putting the ribs back in wrapped in foil. 

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    Good looking ribs!
  5. Sure does look good. Glad to see your mods are working for you. Controling the temp is the key to great Q.

    Happy smoken.


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