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  1. Hey ya'll,

    Anyone have a Smoke Daddy?  If so what kind of wood/pellets/coal are you guys using to get a long burn out of it, and what air flow do you use with the air pump?

    Mine:  I use a combo of hickory chunks and pellets, and as far as my air flow. . . . I am still experimenting with that.  I generally have to tend to the Smoke Daddy about every 30 min to add pellets to get a continuous flow of smoke.  Just want to see if someone has figured out a way to set it and forget it (for the most part).

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    [​IMG]    Glad to have you with us!

    Most of us use an A-MAZE-N smoke generator. There are not too many good reviews that I have seen on here for a

    Smoke Daddy. The A-MAZE-N will produce smoke for hours without anything being added.

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