Smoke-Cooked Salmon and Cob Corn - Parchment? Updated w/Qview

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    Tomorrow I'm going to smoke-cook a skinless 3lb salmon fillet I bought at Sam's. I'm talking entree type salmon and not the long smoked/cured snack type ( I used to do that with Chinook when I lived near Lake Michigan back in Indiana).

    Anyway - hoping for opinions for my plan gleaned from posts I could find....

    - Marinate in a brown sugar/water/soy mixture for a few hours.

    - Smoke on a Frog Mat @ 225° to an IT of 145° (maybe 2 hours? Smoke whole or section up?)

    - Thinking of smoking the corn on the cob for 1 1/2 hours wrapped in parchment paper with the ends tied (yes/no?) The last 2 times I did

      cob corn some of the husk separated and dried out a few spots of the cob - not ruined but just a little dried.

    I welcome any input on what I'm thinking.... thanks!

    Oh yeah, using a MES 40" BT and apple chips....

    OK, best laid plans as they say. The salmon was at 125F in about 45 minutes. I thought the meat probe might be off but double checking with another probe it was correct. So, ended up pulling it at 149F after 1hr 15 minutes (could have pulled earlier). Since the corn had only been in for 45 minutes I cranked the heat up and let it roll for another 15. One ear was wrapped in parchment due to technical difficulty with the husk and thus served as a test specimen.

    Bottom line -  the salmon was fantastic - moist and perfect smokiness but an hour smoke probably would have worked. The husked corn was great with subtle smokiness. The parchment wrapped cob - well, it was good but could have just wrapped in in foil as I couldn't detect the smoke.

    Lesson learnt!

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  2. I really want to know about corn as well. I would love to be able to smoke veggies on my MES 30. Just don't know where to start...
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    Canada3 - I've tried corn 3 times. Twice slathered with softened butter and dusted with lemon pepper and once slathered with Italian Dressing - like the butter based better. In the husk is great - some soak it beforehand but I haven't seen a need. Going to smoke some cubed sweet potatoes with ribs later in the week....
  4. How long did you smoke for and at what temp?

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