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Discussion in 'Smoker Builds' started by redneckman, Jun 25, 2013.

  1. Hello all,

    I got into smoking last year and have a smoke vault.  This year dad and I are thinking about building our own smoker.  We are looking to build a mobile smoker with a 150 gal tank.  Does this seem like it would be large enough for a smoker built into a trailer?  We already have an axel ready to go, just need the tank (which we know the guy that has one).  Any thoughts would be great!
  2. we  need more info......what do you want to do with this smoker?

    Happy smoken.

  3. We are looking at building a reverse flow smoker.  Main smokes would be ribs, butts, brisket.  I would also like to have a rack or area to store wood on the trailer too.
  4. If 150 gal Is large enough to hold what you will be smoking. It is the right size for a trailer builf. You can build a wood rack a couple of work tables. A place for a couple of ice chest. The sky is the limit. remember to post pics of your build. Take some time and look at other builds. See what they do right  and what they did wrong. Ask them questions about why they did what ever.

    Happy smoken.

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    How much or many briskets, ribs and butts were you planning on smoking at once...   Is this for family use, neighborhood or church events...  Do you plan on entering competitions....   Can you get free wood, (cut your own), using briquettes or lump...  propane auxiliary heat or fire starter...  hot water tank and wash sinks for dishes, hands.. 2 separate washing stations required in some states...

    Mule is correct when suggesting looking up threads on builds and define what you want and are going to build.... draw it out on paper to make sure it fits your plans...  Then we can help refine your plans and smoker design...   

  6. Thanks guys.

    I found a few threads on here with 150 builds.  Getting some good ideas, and it looks like the 150 will be a great size for what I plan to do.  As being only in the smoking game less than a year it will be only for personal use like family gatherings and what not.  No comps or large scale the moment.  I have way to much to do and learn before I attempt those.  As for the build my dad will be doing the majority of it.  I am more of the researcher/ pit operator, while dad can build/weld anything. 

    A couple items I saw on other trailer builds that I would want would be an umbrella stand, table, storage for woods, and place for a cooler so far.

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