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Discussion in 'Woods for Smoking' started by chevyjared, Mar 10, 2010.

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    how much smoke is to much?
    i do use a lot of white alder in the fire box

    when should you stop the smoke for bacon

  2. I try to not use too much smoke so that the pink ring doesn't go all the way to the bone. At least for me, it tastes too rich and then kind of loses the ability to complement the meat with a rich sauce. I use oak and it is fairly strong. I like about 1/8 inch of pink smoke ring into the meat but that is only my personal preference.
  3. chevyjared

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    ok cool

    i use a lot of white Alder and it is great on all the game i use it on , but the pig belly is giving me the most problems. it is just coming out really bitter and the wife said it tasted like a tree at the same time what am i doing wrong?
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    It sounds to me that you are using too much wood or maybe to much green wood. Your wood should be well seasoned or cured which ever term you use. Your wood should be off the ground and dring for atleast 6 monthes or so. You should be able to look at the wood and if it starts cracking on it's own before you put it in your smoker.
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    Agreed...just like firewood it needs to be dry. If you put it in and get lots of while smoke then it's too much. Just a thin smoke (looks like cigar or cigarette smoke) or just the odor of smoke in the air is all it takes.
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    Several threads on this lately, smoke is a seasoning for flavor. NON smokey woods can be used for fuel but the smoke woods should just be used as the meats seasoning.... too much can definitely ruin the meat.

    One way I do it is to add a smoking wood to the fire and allow it to burn OUT before I add any more. TBS is not a 100% thing threw the whole smoke for me and I get real good flavor and smoke ring:


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