Smoke a whole chicken-Easy recipe-Fabulous taste

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  1. 2  whole chickens, 4 lbs each

    Cook temp= 220 f

    Cook time=3:35

    Cook time depends on the fattest part of the bird registering 165 f internal temp.

    briquettes with 3 chunks of apple wood and 3 chunks  of hickory


    1 bird each in its own 2 gallon freezer bag.   1 gallon water, 1/2 cup kosher salt, Worcestershire, lemon juice--2 hours


    Rinse thoroughly with cold water.  Leave the skin ON.   Spread Yellow Mustard,  plain yellow mustered, all over birds.  Sprinkle dry mix of black pepper, paprika,celery seed, garlic powder on top of mustard.  

    I use water in my pan.

    Digital temp gauge is a must.  It's cheap and everyone should use one.  Stick the probe into one of your birds as you are setting them on the upper rack.

    Some guys and gals like to flip the bird once in this process.  I do not.  It is up to you.

    Monitor temp and you will feast on a very tasty bird.  Your family ends up meeting you in the kitchen and plucking the bird while standing around talking :)

      This is what the birds look like at the start of cooking.

    The finished product!!!!  Juicy, tasty, yard bird :)    My family goes nuts on this recipe!  I use this for guests as well.

    Hope you enjoy!   Capt Jay
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  2. nice looking yard birds, excellent smoke.


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