Smallest stuffing tube you would use on a 10 or 15 lb stuffer?

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  1. Thank you everyone for helping me figured out what grinder to buy. Now which stuffer? I'm considering the LEM 10 lb two gear stuffer (one fast gear for loading, one slow for stuffing). 

    The smallest stuffing tube it comes with is 5/8” (almost 16 mm). I asked about this size and they assured me I can use it with small 19 - 21mm sheep casings and that they “do it all the time”. The margin between the casings and the tube seems too tight from what I’ve read which would mean it would be difficult to load the casings on wouldn't it?

    I know lots of you have that have 5 lb stuffers and prefer to use the smaller 3/8” (10 mm) stuffing tube for sheep and collagen casings in this range (19 - 21 mm) but what about those of you with larger stuffers - what size do you use?

    I just finished watching an LEM video where they showed a larger stuffer that was bent because someone tried to force meat through too small of a stuffing tube and it shot the stuffer. Maybe the 5/8” is the max I should go and I’ll have to resort to a larger casing for easier loading.

    I had really hoped to make small, traditionally sized breakfast sausage.

    Any suggestions or help are appreciated!
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    You will have to purchase the 3/8ths tube to do the small breakfast sausages. i have heard from other sausage stuffer owners the 10mm tubes are over sized and too big for the 19- 21mm casings. attempting not to damage the stuffer you will need to crank the handle slow and add a little water to the meat and a little crisco to the inside of the hopper to ease the pressure on the gears and make the meat easier to push through the stuffing tube........

    hope this helps and dont forget the qveiw.............
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    I have the 15lb Northern Tool SS Stuffer by Kitchener:

    and ordered a 3/8: tube from Butcher Packer, the 2" one for F Dick stuffers and it works just fine.

    Make sure you're using a quality sheep casing as blowouts do occur rather often.  I get mine from
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  4. Thanks boykjo - BTW did you mean to say the 5/8” are over sized and too big for the 19 - 21mm casings? To my knowledge the small 3/8 stuffing tube is around 10 mm. I have notes made in my file about the best size being the 3/8" so that is why I questioned her in the first place. Thanks for confirming that.

    Pops6927 - I noticed that on the Butcher Packer website, all of the F. Dick stuffing tubes are out of stock. I phoned to ask when they would be available and was told they are only sold as a set of 4 now which is in stock. Price - a whopping $71. Gees, that’s 1/2 the price of a new LEM 5lb stuffer!

    I googled and googled and did find a place ( that sells the F. Dick set of 4 for $49.99. The set comes with 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4” & 1 “. The stuffer I’m looking at comes with the two larger sized tubes but not the two smaller sizes so I guess thats not so bad since I can use two of them.

    I asked if they were F. Dick brand and was told yes but they couldn’t verify if they were stainless steel or not. I can’t see F. Dick making plastic tubes though.

    I guess this is my best choice unless someone else knows where I can buy a single 3/8” stuffing tube that will fit. It's a shame because LEM sells a 3/8" stainless steel one but it only fits their 5 lb stuffer and not the bigger sizes.

    Oh and yes, I’m going to get my casings from Syracuse. They are more expensive than other places but everyone who has used them seems to love the quality so that is what I will use. Anything to make my virgin venture into all this easier.

    Thanks everyone for helping me make sense of all this!

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