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  1. I am pretty new to smoking and have been enjoying chicken, ribs, and tenderloin. I smoke a chicken every week and eat it for lunch for the week and I can go through a couple of racks of baby back ribs or a pork tenderloin on my own over a couple of days.  The thing is that my wife doesn't eat meat, we don't have much freezer space, and eating a bunch of red meat leftovers quickly enough just isn't practical for me on a regular basis.  Sometimes I wander through the beef section at the store and longingly look at the huge briskets and other hulks of meat. 

    So, I'm looking for a cut of beef to smoke that's smaller and more manageable, but not just a regular steak.   Stuff is expensive here in Hawaii and the base commissary where I shop doesn't have the greatest selection, but I'd be curious to hear any suggestions. 

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    Jesse, morning.....  How about a pork butt or brisket.....  cut them into chunks, season, and smoke them.... smaller chunks (4"x4")   smoke / BBQ up faster than big chunks......  slice thin or not, and use sandwich bags to put daily servings in and then put the daily sandwich bags in a bigger freezer bag, if needed to keep out the freezer burn..... Be sure to flatten the sliced meat so the bag is 1/2" or so thick....  They stack well in the freezer to take up little room....

    Purchasing bigger chunks of meat will save $$$$'s in the cost/serving side of the equation.....  Just my thoughts... Not exactly sure what your needs are....    Thank you for your service to our country, keep safe, enjoy the weather....  Your friend in smoke....   Dave
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    Flank Steaks are cheap, so is London Broil cut from Round, Chuck makes some good Pulled Beef.There is always Smoked Meatloaf...As far as the Mrs. goes try Smoking Eggplant, whole Beets, Potatoes and Onions for her...I have not tried it yet but you can shave Coconut with a Potato Peeler add some S & P then Smoke it until it crisps up for a Bacon Substitute on BLT's...Shoot me a PM if you want to discuss Veggies further...JJ

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