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Discussion in 'Small Spaces' started by dnic, May 15, 2012.

  1. dnic

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    Here are some pics of my little garden I have in a long narrow strip on my patio. After going too big last season and having everything battle for sunlight (the few hours that they do get), I decided to keep it a little smaller this time around. My two strawberry plants survived the winter, and are double in size now. I have Cherry and Roma tomatoes, chives, Italian parsley, cilantro, oregano, and a plot of cat grass for..... my cat. Everything is coming along nicely so far with no fertilization. Any tips for some?
    Thanks for looking.

  2. nepas

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    Very cool. kitty likes to
  3. Nice. Could you fill in your location in your profile. Then we will know where this garden is growing so well.
  4. michael ark

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    I use fish elmusion. Its basic ground up fish alaska is the brand I use. The lower numbers on a bag of fertlizer is usely the organtic the high number are man made. I also use bone meal ,blood meal,and peat moss.
  5. Your plants look good!

    Fish/Seaweed emulsion is good as Michael Ark said.
    I like Neptune's Harvest for commercial emulsion, but now make my own.
    Worm castings are also good, I also mix up an all purpose organic fertilizer to work into the soil for some things.

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  6. daveomak

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    David, evening....  Most gardens, after time, need a little Epsom salts, (Mag Sulfate) .... I use a Rhody, Azalea fertilizer too, has micro-nutrients.....   Garden looks good.... 

  7. oldschoolbbq

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    Good looking garden , the Berries are awsome , in this thier second year they will be exceptionally fruitful , so if you have too many ,send them my way. LOL

    Later , and...
  8. so ms smoker

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      Looking good so far. Personally I like Miracle Grow fertilizer. Mix with water by directions and water plants weekly.

  9. dnic

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    Thanks everyone! I'll have to give all these suggestions a try! Last year my tomatoes were rather lack-luster so I wanted to try and add some ferts to get them juiced up. I hope you're right oldschool, after last year with no berries, i've been getting anxious for an overload lol
  10. I use the same thing .. Compost tea also .. Dave I use the Epsom also works wonders on roses ;) .. I do match tips also to add a little sulfer when planting to boost the root growth

    Everything looks great!! Ohh and only use fertilizer in the early morning or late4 at night when the sun goes down so you don't burn your plants
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  11. pineywoods

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    It looks awesome I hope it produces well for you
  12. Plants look good, but pretty small.  Did you amend the soil at all or is that just the soil that was there?  I setup an area similar in size for a friend and we dug out most of the "dirt" laid down a nice layer of plastic add good soil, perlite, and dolomite.  I gave her 3 layers of fresh worm castings as a top dressing then added a few inches of mulch.  She then picked up a pound of worms to help keep the soil airy and now has herb bushes about 3' in size.  She has so much extra herbs and peppers she now sells extra to her neighbors. 

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