Small Garden in East Texas

Discussion in 'Small Spaces' started by gary s, Mar 28, 2014.

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    NICE!!!! Can't wait to see your next crop, good job on gettin the youngins involved..... Hope you feel better soon. 

    A full garden is a happy grandpa [​IMG]  LOL 

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    Looks Great, Gary!![​IMG]

    Best you be whipping up some Smoked Ribs for that Hard Working Youngster!![​IMG]

  3. Been about 5 days and already getting a few sprouts popping up, Watering everyday and warm sunshine

  4. bearcarver

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    Won't be long we'll be sprouting Snow Drifts up here!!

  5. Well you want have to mow !!!

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    That's a definite PLUS !!

    Just mowed today for the 28th time this season, and believe me, it's getting OLD !!

  7. Hey, I forgot to say that my tiller fired right up on the 4th pull, this is the one I took apart, serviced and repainted after I tilled in the Spring.

    I had a few people tell me it was too pretty to use, 35 year old tiller.

    I know it's just me but it sure seems to run great after a good service and fresh paint,

  8. bearcarver

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    I Still say it's too pretty to use!! [​IMG]

  9. You will like this ........ After I got through I cleaned it up and put it back in the garage, When my wife came home she said "You mean you didn't repaint it" I said I was going to but I was out of paint !  I think she thought I was serious.  Hmmm    I might  at least the tines

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    LOL---Reminds me of my Best Friend since High School (and Vietnam):

    When I got the 42" blower for my Gravely Tractor, I sold him my really good 2 stage walk behind 12 HP blower (Really Really Cheap).

    He Tuned it, changed the oil, greased it, adjusted everything, and washed it and Waxed it.

    Couple weeks later we got 10" of Snow---He lives on a bend on a country road & has two driveway entrances.

    I called him up & asked, "How'd that Blower work??"

    LOL----He replied, "I didn't want to get it dirty---I shoveled it by hand".

    No---He wasn't kidding!!!

  11. Wife picked Lettuce and green onions for supper last night.   We have had way too much rain, hoping for some sunny days.   When I tilled it up there are always some tomatoes that have fallen off and get tilled in, I probably had 50 tomato plants coming up, I left a few which are getting big and blooming, (I just wanted to see how far they could go) 

    I also thought I had my weed and clover problem under control  but I was wrong, nice crop of both, Oh well

    I'll try to post some pictures, maybe someone can help me identify and suggest something to get rid of those weeds

  12. OK here is the Pic,  Weeds and all 

  13. bearcarver

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    The only sure way I know to permanently get rid of weeds is either Concrete or Black-top, without any small cracks.

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  15. Hey Thanks

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    That's a belt for the final drive, right?  I think so.

    I get so tired of these machines that have direct drives or I should say they try to create a variable "clutch" out of what I would call a "brake".  I always liked a belt as it gave some before causing a problem on either side.  Your problem was either before the belt or after it.

    I feel old saying that.
  17. We are still getting a few things out of the garden

  18. sqwib

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    Looking Good Gary, especialy that tiller can't wait to see more, How old were the carrots?
  19. Thanks, Carrots were about 3 months +   I planted them the first of Oct.   Still getting Carrots , wife went out at lunch and dug up 4 - 5  

  20. sqwib

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    Dam...mine took 7 months lol.

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