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Discussion in 'Small Spaces' started by gary s, Mar 28, 2014.

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    Nice, I will be planting maters here soon, still some pretty heavy frosting going on. 

  2. A few new pics of the garden ------------------------

    Squash about 2 inches,  Dang clover is back, thought I had it eliminated 

  3. Cucumbers are starting to grow, pepper plants have small peppers all over them,  I went and got 150' of soaker hose to weave through the garden and made me a watering stick out of PVC I'll post some pics later

  4. Pics  ----------------

    Here is my Watering stick,   I know I know you can buy these extensions, but what is 

    the fun in that.  I have about $7.00 In this one. 3/4 schedule 40 PVC  5 feet (This length

    works great for me)  You can make it longer or shorter whatever fits your needs.

    If you have delicate plants or flowers or anything that you need a 

    little reach or just water the base this is great.

    Hose connection and ball valve adjustment for flow

    A little blurry but you can see the holes I drilled in the end cap

    Here is what it looks like, You can more or less holes

    Soaker Hose

    One hose unwound and warming up to get the curl out, Other hose already in the garden

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  5. bearcarver

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    Very Cool stuff, Gary!!![​IMG]

    You really got it going!!------------[​IMG]

    Or like they say around this area,  "You're really on the stick!"

    If your Tomatoes are too juicy, you'll have a rough time faxing some to me!! [​IMG]

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    Looks like you have a lot growing in there. Nice!

  7. Everything coming along nice, Wife loves Tomatoes eat them all summer and she puts up a BUNCH !!    Didn't have to worry about testing out the soaker hose Started raining Like we need more rain.

    Thanks for the comments and point  Maybe I can email them instead of fax them ???

  8. First Veggies of the year  (Actually 2nd if you want to count Radishes )

  9. We have had so much rain and still raining, I am having to throw away squash every day that are going bad, Thankful for the rain, but too much of a good thing.

  10. Veggies today, wife pulled about the same amount yesterday     Cucumbers, yellow squash, and zucchini 

  11. Well we have had 3 days of sunshine  and no rain, Maybe my garden will take off and get back to normal  the Jalapenos have been producing good,  lots of zucchini and cucumbers Tomato plants are loaded, yellow squash slow, corn about 5 feet

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    That's Great Gary!![​IMG]

    Glad to hear your rain eased up for awhile!!  Must have been like living under Niagara Falls!!!

    We got it from you now----Been either Raining or Pouring for 3 days here----Can't complain though, as it's the first time in at least 10 years that we really needed it badly.

    The high here yesterday was 61°, and the low was 42°!!!   Doesn't feel like June!!  [​IMG]


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  13. Mid 80's here today, gunna get out there and mow in a bit.  We are still working on the New Smoker

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    You had a "bumper" crop compaird to mine. I gave up on my squash. Bugs got most of my zucchini. I realized I didn't want to eat that stuff with the amount of spray I put on them. So I'm the leading bug feeder around here!!!
  15. It sure wasn't as good as last year, didn't get much yellow squash, more zucchini. Last year I got 2 - 3 ears of corn from each stalk, this year the stalks were skimpy and only got 1 small ear off each one. Still getting tomato's but again not as good or big as last year.  Oh well     see what happens with the Fall Garden

  16. txsmokedlk

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    Gary I have been wanting to plant spinach, but just haven't. When would be a good time for this? I live in Rowlett......close enough for a shipment of that brisket!!!
  17. I usually plant Spinach and Lettuce in the fall  does great.   Go to Gurneys and Burpee's website look at the recommended planting times I buy seeds from both .

  18. Garden is done, need to clean it up  and get it ready for fall.

  19. Fall Garden Tilled up and planted.

    My grandson did all of it for me, (hadn't been feeling well lately)  He is quick, thorough and does a nice job. I just sat under the shade tree and told him how many rows of what , to plant.

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    Gary, looks like you're workin' that boy like a rented mule! :biggrin:

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