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Discussion in 'Small Spaces' started by gary s, Mar 28, 2014.

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    "Usually" pesticides for home owner use are safe to pet..... There may be a warning for fish etc.... Be sure to apply at the labels recommended amount.... I leave my pets indoors until the "spray" has dried.... I apply the spray indoors also.... around cracks and crannies.. read the label and do a search for the MSDS.....
    The active ingredient is 0.2%... Pyrethroids are dangerous to say the least...

  2. Hey, just got back from Lowe's they have their 2 Cu Yard mulch ( Red & Brown) for two bucks a bag. So I snagged me 16 bags to do the flower beds.  Good Deal !!

    Gary S
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    It was just on sale here for a buck... will be again here shortly i'm sure ....
  4. Garden still just waiting for me to plant, We got about 5" of rain yesterday, supposed to get s few showers tonight, well see, I got plants and seeds in the garage , maybe tomorrow or Wednesday hopefully 

    Gary S
  5. Good luck man  [​IMG]   Still a little early for mine but it's coming  [​IMG]
  6. Got some stuff planted today, finally !!!!    Tomato's, peppers, squash, radishes, zucchini and a few rows of corn, still need to plant cucumbers, and a couple more tomato's.

    I'll post some pictures later.

    Gary S 
  7. Picked up a few cucumber plants, get them planted today, My tomato seeds I started are really going slow, I got them because my neighbor had read an article about Burpee's new Summer Girl Tomatoes, so I mainly got them for her and I thought I would give them a try also.

    I will post up some pictures today
  8. Here are a few pictures of the garden, azaleas, and wife's verbena  and grape vine on the trellis 

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  9. Got everything planted Saturday, 75 to 80 both Saturday and Sunday, 46º right now at 2:00 PM  weatherman said may be down around freezing tonight,
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    I hear ya is not supposed to get this cold. I may cover up my broccoli. I only have two left. The last cold/sleet front we had just about whiped me out.
  11. Year before last I planted early no lat freeze, last year I planted 3 times, we'll see if I have to replant this year, OH well
  12. Last night it got down to 32º heavy frost, I know I lost some plants, waiting for it to warm up and I'll check out the rest to see what I need to replace, I did have some extra plants still in the garage. Hope this is it for the the cold weather.
  13. Looks like I lost one squash and three cucumber plants, everything else seems to be O-K   I lucked Out !!!     (if we don't have any more freezes)
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    Morning Gary.
    So far so good for me. The low that morning was only 31 and we didn't have a frost. I need to get some tomato plants in the ground.
  15. Got my cucumbers and squash replanted yesterday, everything looking pretty good, Radishes already popping up.

    Gary S
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    Getting anythibg useful up here unless you have a farm or ranch is almost impossible.  SO.. I know this isn't going to win me the "Green Guy Award of the year", but I use plain ordinary gas.  Just pour some on an ant hill and they simply die.

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    Up here, unless you own a farm or ranch, it is almost impossibel to get anything  usefull.  I know this isn't going to get me the "Green guy of the year award" but I just dump plain ordenary gas on each ant hill---no more ants.

  18. Update   Garden coming along, having problem with clover, always have a little but this year Lots !  We were behind on rainfall  but that changed yesterday, got 5" and more today. Temps have been in the mid to upper 80's this morning 57º  Glad I mowed before it rained Post some pictures later (if not raining)
  19. Here is what it looks like this afternoon, some of my corn need to be straightened up beside all the hard rain we had high winds to boot.

  20. First Harvest !!!!!!     wife went out at lunch and pulled these.


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