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  1. Travel for work continues to conspire to keep me from doing as much smoking as I like, but did a butt last night while I slept and man was it fantastic. I haven't done a butt in quite a while so it sure was a welcome taste. 

    I had also just gotten some Fruitawood Post Oak and Cherry. I used Oak several times in my AMNPS but have had a terrible time keeping it lit in my #2 of late so I am back to wood chunks.

    Anyhow, if you guys haven't used Oak before give it a shot. You will be in for a treat. After all, that is the real original Texas BBQ wood.

    Here she is rubbed down and ready for a nap in the refer:

    Bout 5 hours later, 9:00pm and into the #2

    Oak and Cherry chunks in the firebox

    She hit 203* around 9:30 this morning and I probed her in a  few places with quick read and got 205* in most places. 

    Wrapped her in some foil until lunchtime. 

    For some reason the pics make it look dry which it was anything butt (ha see what I did with that but/butt thing). 

    Lets see....PP sammiches, PP tacos, PP salad with homemade creamy cilantro dressing, PP and eggs for breakfast. Good weekend. 
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    Looks like some good eats!. I like the flavor of Oak...JJ

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