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    Hello - I'm new to this forum, but have been trying to perfect smoking ribs for many years. The last time I smoked ribs (baby backs) I found an article or forum that discussed, what I remember them calling SLOP sauce. During the smoking process, your were supposed to brush the ribs or spray they with this SLOP sauce which I believe was apple cider vinegar or apple juice or a combination of both...might have been something else as well. It added a terrific flavor to the ribs - can't find anything that refers to this. Any help would be appreciated. Wanting to smoke some ribs for Super Bowl party tomorrow.

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    I'm thinking you mean mop sauce.
  3. 3montes

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    I generally spray or spritz as it is often times called. Sparying will not disturb the rub on the meat where mopping will sometimes wash the rub off if you are to aggressive with it. I usually spray with a mixture of apple juice and Bacardi O Orange rum. But you can use whatever combination of things you like. Sometimes I will use just straight up apple juice.
    Go to Wal Mart and in the section with the toothpaste, deoedarants etc. they have a small area called "travel" here is where you find all the mini tubes of toothpaste etc. They also have bins full of little 4oz spray bottles at about 79 cents each. I bought about a half dozen of these long time ago and is what I use.
    Hope this helps..[​IMG]
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    Great advice Kieth! If he wants bigger bottles, check out a hardware store, they have 20oz new spray bottles for around 3 dollars.
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    Good advice above. Some wait until right at the end to "mop" some sauce on. Maybe the last 20-30 minutes. Several sauces contain a high amount of sugar. So if you put the sauce on earlier it stands a chance of burning.

    Not saying there isn't a "slop" sauce, I've just never heard that term.

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