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Discussion in 'Sausage' started by ldrus, Nov 12, 2011.

  1. going to try the recipe that Nepas has posted i have a few questions

    1st question ..... what is the "cure #1" is this tender quick?

    2nd q.... what is  dextrose and where do i get it?

    3rd and last q.... after mixing every thing how long  do i refrigerate  before  smoking and at what temp do i smoke them?
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    1) Cure #1 is NOT TQ
    3)Over night. I start at 120 for a hour then add smoke and slowly increase the temp until the internal of the snack sticks is 156 then into a ice bath to cool.
  3. 1) No they are not the same you willl have to find the right stuff

    2)You can find dextrose at any beer and wine making store.  That is where I got it for this same recipe!

    3)I made the same sticks and I let them sit overnight in the casings.  3)Over night. I start at 100 for a hour then add smoke and slowly increase the temp until the internal of the snack sticks is 156 - 160.

    Hope this helps, this is my favorite stick I have found yet!  Thanks to Nepas!!!!

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    Hey ikrus...... may I suggest you purchase the " great sausage recipes and meat curing by Rytek Kuts"  its a great book with a lot information about sausage making........ They say its the bible of sausage making and I highly recommend it....

    Good luck with the slim jims and dont forget to post some qveiw

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    Yes good luck!
  6. nepas

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    Cure #1 is different than MTQ.

    Cure 1 is used at 1 level tsp per every 5lbs of meat.

    MTQ is used at 7.5 tsp per every 5 lbs and you should cut back on the salt in the recipe.

    Here are some links for cure #1 and dextrose.

    Sausage Maker


    Allied Kenco

    As far as letting it set overnight, the choice is yours. I have done both overnight and stuffing smoking right after mixing.

    If you have a BassPro Shop or Gander Mountain close you can buy LEM Cure there.

    Start at 130-140 for and hour or so and take 170 to finish...175 only if you need to.
  7. Did you end up making these sticks?  Just wondering how they turned out for ya?

  8. havent made yet but hopefully be weeks end  had to order the  cure and dextrose  so just waiting on that
  9. Good luck!! Don't forget to post some pictures!!!

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