Slicing Brisket on a Chef's Choice 632?

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  1. I've done two beef briskets on my BGE (5.5 and 7lbs).  I picked up a Chef's Choice 632 slicer from Costco.  It came with both the smooth and the serrated blade.  I'm using the smooth one.

    I'm having some trouble slicing briskets.  The very bottom edge of the brisket doesn't seem to be 'catching' on the blade, leading to it not being sliced properly.  Essentially a small 1/8" or so sliver of it is 'submarining' below the blade and angling down in the gap between the slider tray and the blade face.  I didn't take pictures, so sorry if my description is lame.

    Anyone else run into this?  My solution has been to raise the meat somewhat so the facing edge gets caught better on the blade.  I'd imagine it has a lot to do with the floppy nature of a cooked brisket.  I'm thinking a larger cut wouldn't have the same tendency.  

    Or am I missing something in the setup or technique?

    I followed a BGE recipe, one that included using some coffee.  I cut back on the salt this time (from the recipe's 1/2 cup) and I may cut back further.  Other than being a little salty it was delicious.  
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    Are you trying to slice it while it is hot?   If so,  put it in the freezer for a little bit........not long enough to freeze.........then it will slice.

    Good  luck.
  3. Well, considering I'm slicing it for the dinner we're about to eat... freezing it isn't exactly ideal...

    No, it's not 'hot off the smoker', probably around 135F after sitting in a cooler to rest for an hour or so.
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  4. It's a common issue.
    They easy 'fix' is flipping the piece of meat after every slice, or even every few slices, so the 'flap' leads.

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