Slicing a pork belly when making bacon... with or against the grain.....

Discussion in 'Meat Selection and Processing' started by daveomak, Jan 4, 2015.

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    Some time back I was asked the question.... Does it make a difference when slicing.... across or with the grain..... I looked for that thread and I couldn't find it .... so, herein lies the answer....

    From what I can tell, across grain is from the bottom of the belly, the thin part, upward toward the thick part.... Or, find the teats and that's the bottom part of the belly...

    Anyway, I tried slicing bacon, yesterday across and with the grain.... Bride baked it, added pepper to some and brown sugar to some.... AWESOME.....

    The bacon sliced WITH the grain was like the toughest jerky I have ever tried to chew.... the flavor was good but the chewing was FOREVER....

    In summation..... I'M NOT SLICING WITH THE GRAIN AGAIN.....
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  2. bearcarver

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    That's odd:

    I slice mine all different directions, depending on which way it looks nicest and sometimes depending on the length, and so far I have never had a jerky like slice of Bacon. I only slice it to about 1/8th inch thick, if that means anything, and I fry it instead of baking it. Oh Well.

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  3. I have always sliced across grain. For me makes for easy biting. Especially if used in a sandwich. I have also changed to cooking bacon in the oven, Easy, no turning and does not curl. Use cookie sheet, oven at 350°.

     Well now I may just have to go cook some. CF
  4. I always slice across the grain. I have had ends and pieces that I cut with the grain and had jerky like bacon. It goes well in bean and other seasoning.

    Happy smoken.

  5. inkjunkie

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    Answered my question, thanks a bunch folks....
  6. tropics

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    Interesting I cut mine in half yesterday, so I could slice with the grain. We always fry so it was just like store bought but better tasting.

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