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  1. I would like to try doing my own bacon but the problem is getting a slicer.  With just one person at the house the cost and knowing what to buy is the hang up.  For a single person, in there 60’s,  what is the slicer to get???  And yes $$$$ is a problem.
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    look on craigslist.  always good deal on there.  if not jsut do it by hand, put in the the freezer for a while before you slice, and slice her up with a good sharp knife. 
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    or even find someone on here thats close by that has one. im sure someone would be happy to help you out
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    I would look on craigslist or even E-Bay. I got mine on e-bay for maybe 25.00-30.00 bucks delivered to my door. It was an oldermodel but so am I and we both still work just fine.
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    Many times for a few bucks you can stiffen up your slab and take it into a butcher shop and have them slice it for you.  I used to charge $2 for a ½ slab and $3 for a whole slab and have the meat wrapper slice it up.
  6. What I do until I get a slicer is fold the slab in half and cut it that way.I find it easier to cut through 6" of folded than 12"+ of single layer.I have a bud that has a cabalas slicer but 12" + won't fit on that either and I have to give him a pound or so every time I use it. Is it me or has pork bellies price jumped ? $2.89 lb here in Mpls area. they are following the chicken wing price hike.They couldn't give the wings away now they are more than whole breast meat.Bill   
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    With or without a slicer, it's easier to slice shorter pieces:

    I have yet to find a reason to keep Bacon slices so long (like lousy store bought Bacon), but I can name many reasons for cutting them short.

    I cut my Bacon in smaller pieces before I cure them:

    Easier to dry-cure in smaller zip-lock bags.

    Easier to fit on smoker racks.

    Easier to slice.

    Easier to vacuum pack.

    Easier to fry evenly.

    Oh yea, you also get just a couple more pieces of "Bacon Ends", and we all know how good they are!

  8. Thanks everyone   [​IMG]
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    for sure, buy meat from them and get to know them, usally no charge....good advice[​IMG]

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