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  1. Folks,

    Thinking of purchasing a meat slicer.  Any suggestions on a specific one?  Not looking to spend a fortune.  I have seen LEM & Cabelas brands between $100 & $130.  That's about my price range.


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    Both of those are good for light use like we as hobbyists will need.  Both of the ones you're looking at are generic slicers that have been branded with LEM or Cabelas name on it.

    Bed Bath and Beyond has the same slicer for $99 and if you're a new subscriber to their mailing list, they'll send you a 20% off coupon.  Brand new slicer for 80 bucks isn't bad!
  3. Hey there. I've got this bad boy sitting at my house waiting to be used. My parents will be coming up from New Orleans in a week to do a late Christmas with my family and we'll be opening it then. I've also got a batch of bacon curing and will be smoked just in time to give this a run. It seems to have gotten great reviews.

  4. thanks guys.  also anyone recommend a vacuum sealer.  Again really don't want to break the bank and using it maybe 6-10 x per year to seal fresh sausage and Canadian bacon and so forth. 

    Thanks again!
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    Check out the sealers from vacuum sealers Unlimited.... I have the 140 it is a good sealer.... bought it after my vacuum saver died... Check Lisa's threads.. she gives a discount to members....
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  6. thanks.  who is lisa?
  7. found her thanks!
  8. For the money this is a very good slicer. I have the Chef's Choice 610 which may be the same or a little smaller.  The nice thing about it is that the pusher can be taken completely off to allow slicing  long or larger pieces of meat. (like long slabs of bacon) 

    I slice 5 lb froze solid roasts for thick jerky with it and the serrated blade saws right through them. Everything comes apart for quick and easy cleaning. It slices best if the meat slightly frozen.
  9. Thanks dirt. I'm excited to have it in the arsenal of appliances I already have for this hobby. I'm gonna make some of my own deli style cuts using the larger fibrous casings I've got also, so this should come in handy for nice thin slices.
  10. sounds great!
  11. Hey all. I just bought a Cabelas 10 inch commercial grade slicer $329. sliced cheese pretty thin ( like the wife likes ) tried turkey breast next ( Jenni-O brand ) , MY COUNTER LOOKED LIKE

    THE TURKEY BREAST BLEW UP ! The turkey kept getting stuck at the bottom of the blade and looked more like chipped meat rather than sliced . I don't know if it was the kind of meat ( brand )

    or if I was trying to slice it too thin. don't know if this helps but I thought I would pass it along
  12. sorry to hear that.  Well worst case hop back on 78 and head to Hamburg and have an excuse to go to cabelas(was just there last week) I guess!  Good luck and hope you figure that thing out.
  13.  Well before I bought my cheapy $99 Chef's Choice slicer. I had bought a $350 Cabela's slicer on sale for $225. It came with a smooth blade and wouldn't slice frozen meat worth a crap and I believe the serrated replacement blade for it  was close to $100 . The Cabela's slicer was real PITA to take apart and clean so I sent it back.
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    That place is evil. Every time I go in there my wallet gets thinner. [​IMG]
  15. Just read reviews on cabelas website . Seems like a lot of people have the same issue however on said they called customer service and they sent some sort of riser to raise the meat up higher on the blade. I called both numbers that were on the instruction booklet that came with the slicer and ........ SHOCKER there was no answer ! I am giving them the benefit of the doubt and hope they are closed for new years day.
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    Same issue here.  When I called Cabela's they said I could either send the unit back to them or contact the manufacturer "Blue Sky" to obtain the riser from them as Cabela's did not stock that part.  All in all a pretty disheartening response IMHO.  As previously stated, Blue Sky didn't answer the phone so I'm beginning to think I'll be left to build a riser myself and continue using it.  I definitely would not recommend purchasing this item until they fix the inherent design flaw though.

    If anyone needs it I'll leave the number Cabela's gave me to contact Blue Sky:  855-939-7263
  17. Hey Okie, I called the number this past Tuesday at 4:45 and they answered . told them my issue and the guy knew exactly what model I was referring too. took my name and address

    and my parts should be here in about a week. Don't give up , keep calling like I did and maybe you will get to speak to a human !!

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