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  1. We plan to start smoking our own bacon and are looking for a slicer.   I understand that Berkel is a good brand.   I can purchase a used one from a retirement home with a 12" blade and sharpener for $250.   Is that a good deal?   What do I need to check if we go look at it?  It is model 827.
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    If it's in decent shape that's a great deal. Basically just check it over make sure the blade doesn't wobble, the motor doesn't make any strange noises, the carriage slides smooth, and that the sharpeners are there and the assembly works correctly
  3. Thanks Pineywoods!   Planning to go see it tomorrow.
  4. Sound like a good find to me. The 12" is the way to go. I have a 10" it will slice bacon if you trim it just right. Might also check and see what parts can be had, just in case you need some. CF
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    Think its a great deal, follow the above advise when you check it out. I picked up a berkel 827a about 1yr ago for $200 ( $250 was the asking price) It's a 12" blade, 1/3rd hp, honing stone, made in Italy. This slicer is belt driven, not a worm gear but works great for all my needs. You'll really like the 12" blade especially if you've used a 7" or 10" slicer in the past. Congrats on your new slicer...
    Good luck!!

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