Size of wood chunk pan on GOSM vs. smoking temp

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  1. Hi all-

    I have the mid-size GOSM smoker, the opening on the inside where the heat comes up from the burner is approx a 10" diameter. I have been using a 10" diameter cast iron pan to hold my wood chunks as it provides lots of room for the wood. The pan is sitting on the stock wire rack the smoker came with, although I cut the legs down 1.5" to bring the pan closer to the flame so it smokes easier. It did not smoke at the stock height, unless the temp was high, 270F+.

    At 250F+, I get a nice TBS. At below 250F, the TBS comes and goes, it does not seem like the wood is getting quite up to TBS temp consistently. I cannot move the 10" pan any closer to the flame or else it will cover the burner opening at the bottom of the box. My idea was to switch to a 8" pan in the hopes it would get hotter and smoke the wood better at the lower temps (220-240F). Does this idea make sense?
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    First, welcome to SMF.  When you have a chance jump over to the Roll Call area, introduce yourself and get a proper SMF welcome.

    I have a GOSM and use the cast iron wood box that came with the smoker.  I don't have any issues with getting decent smoke in my unit and I usually run it around 230 - 240F for the ribs and pork butt that are my main things to smoke.  I don't soak the wood and put in a mix of bigger chunks and smaller chips in the box.  I'm looking for just a whisper of smoke, I don't want to see much smoke with my eyes as I want to smell it with my nose.  

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    I use a bread pan in my gosm.
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    [​IMG]Here it is.
  5. Thanks for the replies.

    I threw away the stock chip box as it was too small, I prefer to use chunks.

    I may try the bread pan idea as an option...
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