Sirloin Tips, Stuffed Portabellas, Chicken Corn Soup, ABTs & Rolled Breasts

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    Holy CHEESUS!!!!  [​IMG][​IMG] Looks Fantastic Jeremy!!!!

    I have used a bunch of pecan this summer, certainly has become one of my favorite smoking woods. It mixes great with cherry too. I'm having a hard time finding pecan this year. At the end of last summer I bought all that I have on clearance at Home Depot. They were the only ones in town to have it. This year no one in town had it [​IMG]Guess when I run out I'll have to pay the shipping to get it.
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  2. Thanks Clarissa  [​IMG]    Flavor & texture were both great!  [​IMG]
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    Everything looks great, especially that sirloin being pink from top to bottom.
  4. Thanks Case  [​IMG]    They are really good - I'm gonna have the last one over rice with sauce tonight...

    Aren't there any bbq stores around your area that carry pecan? I know there is one in Portland but it's not worth a 3 hour drive just for some wood chunks...  A lot of people are very happy with Fruita wood chunks & they have free shipping...
  5. dirtsailor2003

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    No dedicated BBQ stores hear! Have to shop the Hardware stores for the wood. In fact up until a few years ago all I could get here was chips! Then HD and Lowes started carrying the chunks. Actually this year Lowes only had mesquite chunks and apple and cherry chips. Ace hardware has small bags of the chunks, every flavor except pecan.

    I have looked at Fruita but didn't know they had free shipping. I'll give them another look for sure. When I get to PDX I do keep my eyes peeled for good deals, but I don't get up there much.
  6. Thanks Todd  [​IMG]    The sirloin was very tender & juicy with a GREAT smoke flavor!  [​IMG]    [​IMG]    [​IMG]
  7. And here is how I usually eat them.

    On top of a nice bed of basmati rice with some homemade sauce.

    Thanks for looking & thanks for all the well wishes for my grandfather  [​IMG]
  8. Chicken Corn Soup! I knew it had to be someone from S/PA Haven't had that since I lived in Lancaster.
  9. Chicken corn soup is great - especially when it gets cold out! You should make yourself some if you haven't had any in a while  [​IMG]
  10. Hey Case - I didn't know what all was around you but figured you had already checked  [​IMG]    There is another place that sells chunks with free shipping but I haven't heard any reviews from people using them. They have a couple different sizes too. The place is if you decide to check it out...
  11. I had a couple PMs asking for the stuffed portabella recipe - it's nothing fancy but if anyone else wants it I'll just post it & save sending it out individually  [​IMG]
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    That sirloin looks perfect & the mushrooms look awesome!!! I got a question tho. What in the world is chicken corn soup????? And those stuffed habanero peppers are insane. No way I could eat something that hot!!
  13. Thanks man  [​IMG]    Chicken corn soup is just that - chicken, corn, a little celery, some chicken soup base, a few spices & usually rivels - it's popular here in PA...

    As to the habs - I like hot stuff!  [​IMG]     [​IMG]
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    Never had soup like that & I stay away from stuff that hot l ol
  15. It's pretty much a PA thing - popular Pennsylvania Dutch eats. It is actually pretty good soup  [​IMG]
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    That xplain it then. Mite try making it some day lol.
  17. Try it - I bet you like it  [​IMG]
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    I mite. What are rivels?
  19. Rivels are small lumps of egg dough. You drop them into the hot soup & cook them for about 10 minutes. Think of them as the world's smallest dumplings  [​IMG]
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