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Discussion in 'Beef' started by greg1, Jun 5, 2014.

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    Got a quick question for you all. I just got a good deal on a sirloin tip roast got it all seasoned up to put in the smoker Saturday morning. My wife won't touch meat that isn't medium well when it's cooked I was thinking about pulling at 150 and resting an hour wrapped in the cooler am I in the ballpark?
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    I did one of the big 10 pounder ones you can get from costco. It turns out great on the smoker and you get plenty of sandwiches out of it. I pull at 125F and rest until its in the 130-135 range. I think sirloin might be dry at the medium well stage as I understand its a really lean cut. But it might be good, never know.
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    If she lets you have your meat at mid rare or medium, you could always just take the sirloin to 125-130, then put her slices in some au jus to cook up to mid well  [​IMG]

    But yeah, 150 should do it.    That said, sirloin tip isn't the most tender of cuts and taking it to midwell/well makes for some interesting eating.  If you have to take it that high, I'd recommend braising it.   Put it in a disposable aluminum pan and fill the pan with about 1-1 1/2 inches of beef broth then put it in the smoker.  Give it some smoke and then cover with aluminum foil and take to 150.

    Another thought is to get sacrilegious and smoke for an hour or two, then remove and put the tip in a crock pot.
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    I would definitely pull that roast at no more than 135. Then slice and sear your wife's cut to her liking. I feel
    Pretty lucky that my wife likes her beef rare!

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