Since 1958 - Angelo's Great Texas BBQ!

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    by Pops... reporter-in-the-field in Fort Worth!

    After a long drive to Ikea in Frisco and a hard day of quality shopping and goofi.. having fun, we returned to the home town of Fort Worth, Texas (killer construction through Bedford!) and staving off great hunger as my wife promised me "... the best BBQ you've ever had!"   Now, that's hard to say as we've visited just about every BBQ emporium this side of Dallas.  She got off at University from I 30 and we wound our way to a dark side street to 2533 White Settlement, in SW Fort Worth (not to be confused with the community of White Settlement in the north of Fort Worth) to Angelo's BBQ.  It was non-descript.  No big glaring neon, just a light on the sign and enter through the side door.  Right by the hickory-smoke powered exhaust vent coming from the smokehouses.  I was home...

    You enter, step up to the counter and place your order: sandwiches on one board, ribs, briskets and sides on another, and by-the-pound on yet a third.  Quick, efficient work preparing our meals: I had (of course!) the full rack of ribs with standard sides of great cole slaw, smoky baked beans, home-made potato salad and sauce separate.    I knew then they were serious about their ribs!  They were perfectly trimmed St. Louis style, a nice little tug, but still super tender, lo'n'slo smoked with a great bark and a very nice, pronounce smoke ring and the smoke had excited the natural nitrites from it and a great cured/smoked flavor!  My wife, bless her heart, was absolutely right!  We lingered on the meal, enjoying every bit, not a single morsel left and they were hearty portions too - 10 ribs on the rack, no little finger bones either!

    It had slowed down by that point and I asked for the manager and told him I was in and wanted a brochure if possible and a picture too (we'd previously gotten one with one of the several bears!):


    snapped with an iPhone..

    Well, the manager told me, "Why dontcha get a picture with the owner instead, he's sittin' right over there!" and took me over and introduced me.  He was happy to pose for a picture with me, but my wife was in it too and another  patron snapped it, a bit blurry but you can still make it out!


    Skeet George is the owner's name and his dad, Angelo, started the business in 1958, Skeet then ran it and his son Jason is pitmaster of the place now.

    For a complete history, go to their website,   and for ordering information, they ship nationally.  This is not a chain, it's not a franchise, it's still a sole owner business on a sidestreet in Fort Worth, but the smell that goes for blocks gives it away!

    Their menu:





    I am not advertising for them for anything other than to show a great Texas legend that is over a half-century old, carrying on a tradition that has endured through time by being one of the best!   It takes a lot to be a legend, and this qualifies!
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    I'd love to see and hear about other great places throughout Texas that carry on a great tradition and have great Q!  You really don't know how to make great Q until you have great Q! (Plus it gives a great reason to go out to eat with your honey, too!)
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  3. Hmmm - Next time we take my wife's car in for service at the dealership on White Settlement,  I think we will make it around lunch time. [​IMG]

    Angelo's is only 3 blocks away from the dealership.
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    We went back there the other day for lunch, Tuesday, 3/13, had the shredded beef, it was delicious!
  5. Dont be in no hurry to get back there Age has finally caught up to the old hang out in Cowtown
    Meat isnt near what its noted for,prices do to inflation make all the worse
    Had a bad run a few months back and just last week it was no different
    Many old places have lost their true pit boss and gradually degraded in quality,the new "foodie" approach just aint cuttin it
    Angelo's has been added to my long list along side KD's in Midland,Hard Eight in Stephnville/Brady Sharons in Abilene etc
    Old School Q worthy of price is getting hard to come by in Texas,Franklins in Austin is still top shelf

    Cook it at home and you cant go wrong
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    Christmas dinner was great at my son's house . After the hams were smoked I put some boneless ribs , pork chops , and some rib eye steaks to finish the fire in the smoker . Now I have to put

    all this meat in food saver bags . About two months of eats that I do not have to buy outside .

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