Simpler Way of Life

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  1.                                                 Simpler Way of Life

    The way things are in the world today maybe it’s time we all take a step back and remember the simpler times. A time before things like honor, pride, loyalty and love got all mixed up with greed, anger, despair and mistrust. There is a Thai country song that helps me forget all the BS and look back at a time and place I so enjoyed.

    Peua Ruk Peua Rao (I love you, you love me. Not just in a boy - girl thing but with the land and a way of life) you don’t need to understand the words to enjoy the feeling, music and passion for a time (sad to say) so hard to find in the world today. Scenery is great. Hope you like it.

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    Liked that one!
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    Very nice scenery Phil Thanks for sharing 

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