Simple supper yesterday

Discussion in 'Pork' started by jack2u2, Aug 17, 2008.

  1. jack2u2

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    Simple supper yesterday
    A couple of butts cooked and pulled. Used SoFlaQuer's finishing sauce (OMG good!), some coleslaw and parmessan tater tots. Not fancy, but awful good! Couldn't find TC cajun seasoning, so I used Louisiana cajun seasoning in the finishing sauce. Excellent!

  2. waysideranch

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    Looks great Jack2U2.
  3. bb53chevpro

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    I have one word for that. YUMMY.
  4. ronp

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    Simple, but nice.
  5. That looks yummy, I'm new to this forum and have never heard of putting cole slaw on a pork sandwich. I made my my first pulled pork yesterday and will be trying this tonigh .
  6. I had never heard of it either until I went to a Red Hot & Blue restaurant here in the Dallas area. They serve their pulled pork sandwiches "Memphis Style" which is with cole slaw on top. Very Good! Great BBQ restaurant as well.
  7. cowgirl

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    Jack that looks really tasty!![​IMG]
  8. meat-man

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    That looks great ... simple but GREAT !

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