Simple Jerky recipe (AMAZING)

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  1. Tried this last week and turned out to be the best yet.

    5 lb batch of venison cut across the grain into 1/4 inch strips and merinated for 24hrs.

    1 cup of honey

    1 cup of low sodium soy sauce

    1/4 cup of worcestershire sauce

    1 tablepoon of cayenne pepper

    1 tablespoon of lawrys season salt

    1 1/2 teaspoons of cure #1

    I let the meat sit at room temp for 1 hour then took another 15 minutes to lay it all out on the racks. Im sure this did help with not sucking the temp down in the smoker. It was also nice to see all the liquid pulled itself into the meat overnight while in a 1 gallon zip lock.

    Smoked for 1hr 30 min. Put the meat in the smoker at 150 and let it climb to 180. We were amazed at the texture, not to sweet and not to hot. After cooling, vacuum pack in edible portions, it seemed after a couple days in the frig it dried out.
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    Bad, morning..... WE NEED PICTURES.....  Love 'em.... can't live without 'em......   We can't drool on the keyboard looking at words..... 

    The recipe looks good......   Dave
  3. Thanks, We will be doing another batch soon and will get the pics.
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  5. It will be a few days before I get another batch going and will do some pics. For clarification, is it necessary to post pics of the whole process or just the finished product. Hopefully until then someone else can give my recipe a try and post there pics to compare.
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    Nice jerky recipe but why 1/2 tsp more of cure than there should be......Just asking
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    Did you rinse off the marinade before smoking?
  8. I got lost in reading "diggingdogs" post about cure amounts. I was under the impression that when using liquids they to have to be counted as total weight. all together the total weight was 6 1/4 lbs so i added cure for that amount. I have read that you only need 1 tsp of #1 cure for 5 lbs, is that still true with the other liquids that were added? Will there still be enough nitrate or will it become diluted?
  9. Not at all, there really was not much left as far as liquid left. I also had it in the smoker for at least 20 min before my cast iron pan got hot enough to start smoking. I guess you could say by then the meat surface was more on the dry side. 
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    Bad, afternoon...... You are correct to add cure including the weight of the water....  The meat was pulled from the water to dry.... Had you only added for the meat, the water would still have cure in it....    Dave
  11. Back with pics as promised. This batch I upped the spice as in heat. Did two tbl spoons of cayenne but still was a little on the mild side. I guess I need to find a hotter dry spice for my liking. Also used the hickory this time and was very pleased 

    well trimmed which is a must for venison

    spices and sauce heated to blend then let cool

    ziplocked to cure and marinate

    before smoked

    after smoked

    vacuum packed

    taste tester- she has never ever complained

    Thin blue hickory smoke ????
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    Bad, evening....  Looks mighty fine....  I'd eat it......
  13. Just did some Elk with this recipe and it turned out extremely good! I had a hard time finding some cure to use but finally located it and the local Sportsman Warehouse. It called for more than what your recipe calls for but it worked out well. I love the bite and even my wife like it! Thanks for sharing!

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    Nice bunch of jerky!

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    My My MY

    I would love to smoke some Elk jerky, but the elk up here are simply NOT cooperating.  They refuse to walk out in front of my rifle.  So for the next while I will, unforturnatley, survive off your posts.


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