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Discussion in 'Poultry' started by caleb, Jun 3, 2013.

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    First off, sorry I don't have any Q-Views.

    Now that's out of the way. This Saturday I smoked two boston butts, a pork loin and then decided to throw some drumsticks on the smoker last minute just to he sure I had enough meat to feed everyone.

    I was smoking the butts at 240-250 on my MES with apple wood chips. Which resulted the drumsticks getting the same treatment. I didn't think they would have been that good but everyone LOVED them. They were the first thing gone off of the meat bar.

    All I did was put 1 cup if olive oil and a good amount of sweet rub in a ziplock baggy, shook it for a good bit an let them sit for about 4 hours. They were on the smoker for about 2 hours but were probably done at the 1.5 mark. The skin was good, not crispy but a good in between.

    I say all this because I tend to over think things, with smoking. These drumsticks were super simple and hardly anytime was required and they were a huge hit at the party.
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    Hello, and good day. We would like to see the end product and when we don't we send these.....

    [​IMG]  . . .

    Our rules , your duty...  [​IMG]
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    Point well taken. Just long to use the I'm new excuse. Also just realized u can post pics of my iPhone. Photo galore next go around!
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    We do drumsticks all the time, because the are simple and easy finger food. I'll do a big batch so we have left overs for lunch, or they make a great option for the picnic basket for a day at the lake. In order to get the skin crisped up you will need to run the smoker at 275*-325* (does the MES go that high?). If you can't get your smoker that high a quick grill on a hot bbq will do the job. We use just a simple rub of SSPPOG (sea salt, pepper, paprika, onion, garlic). I typically don't do any oil, but when I do only a tablespoon or two.
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    I've only done ribs so far (one time, so far), but we're having a barbecue and I want to try some chicken drumsticks.

    I like the olive oil, throw the drums in a bag with the rub, and put them in the smoker.

    Is 1.5 hours really enough time at 225?

    I was planning on doing these at the same time as I do my ribs.

    Last time I used the 2-2-1 process for baby backs and they turned out great.

    I'll probably do the same procedure next time, but I'm thinking of putting the prepared legs in at about the 3 hour point so they have two hours to cook and be done when the ribs are.

    I'll probably put them on a baking sheet. Should I set them at the top or below the ribs?

    I'm thinking Applewood might be a good option for both.

    I know, I have way too many questions, but I'm like Shultz on Hogan's Heroes (I know NOTHING!)

    Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. caleb

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    I would say you could smoke them at 250. I did 225 on ribs earlier this week and they were good but not fall off the bone tender. THe chicken would be better to cook closer to the 250 as well, just to get it crispier. So what you could do is cook your ribs for 225 during the first 2 hours and then bump them up to 250 for the rest of the smoke. That way when you add in the drumsticks, they will be at the 250, but  they would only need to be cooked for about an hour and half at that temp.
  7. gunz and carz

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    Caleb -

    Thanks for the info. That sounds like a logical solution. I may try that to see how it works out. I'm just hoping that 250 wouldn't be too hot for the ribs for the last 2 hours. I'm thinking it should be ok.
  8. s2k9k

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    Always put poultry below any other meat to avoid cross contamination. 250* for ribs will be fine. I would put the chicken right on the rack and not on a pan, they will give off a good bit of grease and on a pan they will be swimming in it and that will really affect the skin. You can put a pan under them to catch the drippings so it doesn't get all over your smoker.
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