Simple Black Pepper Jerky, plus loads of Q-View from the last year or so. (Updated with finished pic

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  1. So I have been lurking on the forum few a few years and have learned tons from everyone here. I am not the best at posting but want to start to contribute. So here is a jerky recipe that I have making for quite a while, it's super simple and turns out great every time. After that a hodge podge of Q-view that I never got around to making post for, so I am just going to upload them here. 

    About 7 lbs of bottom round. 

    Cure, Worcestershire, Coarse Black Pepper

    About the amount of BP

    Bagged up and resting will update pics of the smoke on Saturday

    Now for the random assortment of Q-View! Sorry, I just really like to share pics. 

    How I used to smoke my Jerky, built a smokebox since. 




    More on the next post. 
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  2. Oscar the 60LB hog 

    Italian beef 

    Turkey for sandwiches 

    Pulled pork Tamales 

    Summer Sausage

    I cook for about 40 people once a month, try and do most of it from scratch 

    Trying my hand at deserts 

    Thats just a bit of the last year, I just love to cook. If anyone uses instagram I am @wywycooks and always post most my interesting cooks on there. 
  3. Nice pics - I like the smoker loaded with jerky  [​IMG]
  4. Ok here is the jerky finished. Ended up with about 2 lbs after it was done. Used hickory for the smoke, took about 12 hrs. 

    Into the Smoker 

    Finished product 

    Close Up 

    Thanks for lookin!
  5. roller

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    SWEET !
  6. lu1847

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    Nice jerky box! What do you use for heat&air.
  7. Thanks! I use an old toaster oven so it makes it really easy to control the temps. I can do about 110*-170* with smoke when it's about 50* out. As for air, a few holes in the bottom for fresh and 1" holes on the top sides.
  8. stayhot

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    What recipes and or how did you make the gyro's? Always wanted to try my own. Nice looking jerky too!!
  9. pgsmoker64

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    Wow!  Nice Q-view and great job on that food.

    I'm hungry now....
  10. Great pics, great food and that's ingenious thinking for the smoker! Share the recipes please!!!
  11. johnnie walker

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    Jerky looks Great!
  12. dirtsailor2003

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    Never thought of using a toaster oven for a heat source in a small setup. Have an old one that I may give a try and see how it does!
  13. Thanks!

    For the Gyro meat I do about:

    2# beef

    2# lamb 

    1.5 TBL Marojamn

    2 TBL ground rosemary

    1TBL salt

    BP to taste

    About 1 cup bread crumbs and some EVOO and however much garlic you would like. I also use about half a bag of frozen onion.

    Grind it all up a few times to get it nice and emulsified. Then into a baking dish until 165. I cool it and then slice it. I fry it up to crisp the sides for gyros.

    Totally worth making it once a month or so and having it in the freezer.  
  14. I'll start posting recipes as I make them, I can never remember them the next day, maybe this will help!
  15. It works awesome, I think I have about $60 in the whole rig including $5 for the toaster oven!
  16. thoseguys26

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    Does the lamb make a huge difference in the gyro? I was thinking about making elk gyro's similar to your recipe.

    Everything looks awesome!
  17. Very nice!, now I'm hungry.
  18. webowabo

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    What a great idea for a jerky box.. the perfect heat souce with the right dimensions im sure for a perfect real low and slow smoke. AMNPS screams for this new home..
    Pics look great.. all of them!
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