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Discussion in 'Charcoal Smokers' started by junoblow, Dec 29, 2007.

  1. Good afternoon:

    I apologize if this is a redundant post, however I’m looking for the various Charbroil Silver Smoker modifications that I read about in older posts. The links I encountered earlier were broken. Maybe there are some more recent threads.


  2. glued2it

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    That's actually a good idea because your right those links have been dead for awhile. It's a good time revisit this one!

    The silver and The Brinkman smoke n pit pit master are basicly the same So this should help allot of new people too!
  3. seaham358

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    The only things I did with mine was I used some Aluminum sheet metal and rolled it and shoved it up into the stack and then it unrolled and stays in place. I can raise and lower it as needed.
    I also have a piece near the fire box as a baffel directing some heat down.
    I had a old grate from a grill and i cut it to fit the firebox to raise the charcoal higher. The one that comes with the smoker has it setting to low and you don't get good air flow under the coals.
  4. ds7662

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  5. Good afternoon:

    These are great resources. Thanks for posting!

    I do have a specific question, which may be addressed in these posts but I may have missed the answer, how does one add a thermometer to the Silver Smoker and is it worth it to do so? How well do these thermometers report the chambers temperature?

    Thanks again!

  6. capt dan

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    You can buy a decent dial therm at lowes, or home depot, find out the size of hole needed and drill out a spot on the door, I would say on the firebox side of the door handle a few inches, and make it as close to the level of the cooking grates as you can get without hitting the grate. This will get you pretty close. Always check the therm first with the boiling water=212 test. Get a cheap oven therm to sit inside on the grate next to your food. That is also helpful. A few test runs and you can figure out what the temp is on the grate by checking the two and making notes.

    There are also some good remote therms for 30-50 bucks, that are digital and run on batteries.
  7. seaham358

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    I bought a dial thermo and put it in the hole on the silver smokers door. I then used another oven thermo on the grate and found out fast the one in the door was always 30-40 degrees higher.(heat rises) I then found this sight and bought a digital thermo and have not used the dial thermo in the door after the digi. Don't waste your money on a thermo that mounts in the door. Puck up a couple digi thermos at HD or Lowes, one for the meat and one for the smoker or a dual probe thermo works also. I just run the probe wire out the door, there is some smoke that gets out around the door. But IMO not enough to worry about.
  8. ds7662

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    I picked up a couple of thermo's from Home Depot and mounted one on each side at grate level. I believe you drill a 3/8" hole and the thermo fits right in place snugly and is secured in place with a wing nut on the back.

    Here is a pic or two.
  9. bustedluckbarbq

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    Thats nice lookin' little set up!! ... nice and clean... thin light smoke comin' out....
  10. ds7662

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    Thanks Mark! It works great being able to see the temp differences from side to side. The thermo's were only about $6 each. Not to bad.

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