silly question about pork butts and cooking time

Discussion in 'Pork' started by james1nc, Apr 13, 2014.

  1. I'm planning on smoking two pork butts next weekend both around 8-10 lbs. So I'm thinking 8-10 hours @ 225 deg. My friend told me if I cook two of them it will increase my cooking time by almost half . Is this correct.?
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    The qty does not matter but you are probably a bit off on your times.  Cooking at 225 deg i would guess your cook time will be closer to the 12-15 hour mark, possibly longer, especially if you are not foiling at any point during the cook.  Butts are very forgiving so dont be afraid to cook at a higher temp.  Also allow for at least 1 hour rest time after the cook.
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    You should figure on closer to 2 hours cook time per raw pound of meat if you smoke at 225*.  It might not take that long, but its best to plan with some "time cushion" because every butt you'll ever cook will be different, and you don't want people sitting around looking at you come dinner time because the meat's not done yet.  I like to smoke butts a little hotter, in the 250* range, and I usually expect it take about 1.5 hours per pound.  As njfoses mentioned, butts are forgiving cuts of meat...there are some who cook them at 275-300* with good results.  And as also mentioned, you can reduce your cook time some by foiling the butt once it reaches the stall (usually happens somewhere around 165-175* IT).

    Good luck!  Be sure to let us know how it turns out.

  4. Thanks Red , what do you mean when it reaches the STALL ?
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    The stall is just as the name implies :) It's the point where your meat will just sit at the same temp for an undetermined about of time. I personally have never wrapped, but folks do to try and speed up the process. They say it compromises the bark. I guess it all depends if it matters to you if you shave a little bit of time off the cook or have wonderful crunchy awesome bark. Make sure you share some pics of the cook.
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    James , what kind of smoker do you have?
    Also , I would second what njfoses said....crank the heat a bit. 250-275 will get you done quicker and your pork will come out great.
    • I have the OK Joe's Longhorn smoker. Thanks for all the replies. I think my decision will come down to what size butt I can get . if I can get 2-7  pounders I will do the long and slow . if I get a 10lb I will high 275 and foil..whats the smallest size butt you can do and still have a good turn out? I would think no smaller than 6lb.
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    I've read post by people who did 3 or 4 pounders and they seem to come out all right. I've never done one much smaller than 5 pounds , but it's all about the internal temp of the meat anyway. When it hits 200-205 or so , it should pull apart nicely. I would think a small hunk would cook pretty quickly. Have to watch it.
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    Hey James, sorry I didn't get back around sooner to answer your question, but the guys have covered it all nicely...good advice given by all.  The thing to remember, is just relax and enjoy the ride...except for the patience required due to the length of the cook, a butt is a very easy piece of meat to smoke, so you'll do fine.  Best advice on deciding whether to foil or not to foil: try it one way this time, and the other way the next time and see how you like it best.  The good thing is there's no wrong answer...its all about personal preference.

    Good luck and happy smoking!

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