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Discussion in 'Roll Call' started by sonic98, May 27, 2014.

  1. I'm sure I've probably browsed the forum and the information on the site for a couple years now. I'm Ray, 34 and from Memphis. I probably got into grilling and smoking maybe 6 years ago. I always ate other people's food, but I would help from time to time like any average Joe. But I lived in the same city I went to college in for a few years, and I dated someone who wanted me to grill for them. Also, when we would go to her hometown, her cousin like to BBQ and grill, so I then got a little more into it. When I moved back to Memphis, I really got big into cooking different foods for myself. The last couple years my dad was alive he used to do a lot of cooking outside, and after he was gone, I guess I picked up right where he left out and wanted to go even further. 

    Probably the best meat I've ever had other than what I've been serving up lately was in 1998. I went to our last football game of the year, and on my way out, my dad convinced me to buy a plate of the last few ribs some guy had. Back then I didn't know anything about the whole dry vs wet rib debate or Memphis Style vs other styles, but I did always like BBQ.  The first time I ate one of the ribs the first thing I said was "what the hell is this." The guy had made Memphis Style ribs and basically just sprinkled rub on them and poured a lot of his mopping sauce at the bottom of the to-go box.  That vinegar taste caught me off guard. But by the time I finished that box a day and half later, it was probably the best food I've ever had. Til this day, I haven't had better ribs. 

    Right now all I'm working with is an old Weber Kettle and an older small backyard style grill, but I plan to add to my collection soon,
  2. Hello Ray, welcome to the site, just keep on working on perfecting those ribs, you will land on what you remembered those ribs tasting like.

    Gary S
  3. Thanks for the welcome. I've done ribs a few times since I joined up, and they came out great. I even tried a  variation I found on the Internet of Johhny Trigg Ribs

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