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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by ausmoker, Jun 14, 2015.

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    Hi guys first post on the forum :grilling_smilie:

    Building my first side smoker - it's not a very common thing here in Aus

    Was wondering if the tubing that joins the smoker to the side box should be fully air (smoke) tight? If so what's the best sealant to use?

    Here's what I've done so far

  2. Hey mate, where in aus you from? Im in adelaide, not too many people building / using smokers around! Looks like an interesting build there, is it a hot smoker? If so y8u can get high temp silicone, i also bought gaskets for mine from Amazon us. Good luck!
  3. ausmoker

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    In Sydney mate. Bit of delayed reply but I finally got this smoker up and running

    A couple of questions -

    1) I'm using about 30 heat beads which have turned to grey ash. Is this enough for a brisket? Should I add more over time?

    2) I'm soaking a cup of hickory chips and noticing they burn off very quickly - about 20 mins. Is this normal? I'm not using a smoker box, just placing the chips on the beads. Once they burn out there is hardly any smoke going through the smoker. I feel like I should be buying bulk wood chips

    I haven't got my thermometer installed yet but this is more of a practice run to see how the smoker works

    Thanks dudes

  4. Hey mate
    How's the Smoker goin !
    I'm still in the build mode about 2weeks off finish
    By the sounds Aussie Hard wood seems to be the go
    Iron bark etc
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  5. jckdanls 07

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    Howdy y'all... If you can get wood CHUNKS.. that's much better than chips... as was stated above, chips only last for about 20 minutes... just mix 6-10 CHUNKS in with your charcoal....
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    Briskets take many hours. You need to smoke it long enough to reach an Internal Temp (IT) where, when you stick the meat with a therm probe or skewer, it slides in with no resistance. This will be an IT somewhere around 88°C.  One way is to get up to the temp of your choice and add lit beads to maintain that temp for as long as needed. Chunks of wood are laid to the side to smoke but not burn too fast. Or try the Minion Method. See link below post #3, shows a side fire box set up....JJ

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