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    OK, I've got a CharGriller 2222 (CGSP) and I'm making some modifications to it.  First is the fact that mine apparently didn't come with the front shelf... manufactured that easily enough myself.  Second is I have an old CharBroil gas grill with a side burner.  I had the idea to use the side burner as a coal starter, rather than lighting paper which is just messy.  My only problem is that the CharBroil side burner had a gas hookup that was part of a split system (regulator valve fed both the side burner and the main grill area). 

    The grill was old enough that the connections were NOT universal (the tube from the regulator valve was securely clamped with a non-removeable metal piece), so I had to cut the tube off.  Now I'm finding that I can't seem to find any method of attaching a new universal regulator valve+tube to my side burner.  The attachment would need to be made at the burner regulator itself.  So my question to all of you pro's is this:  Where (if anywhere) could I find a new universal regulator valve that I could hook up to this side burner that would then allow me to buy the universal hose+regulator to hook into my existing propane tank.

    Wow, that was really long winded and I apologize.... if this isn't clear, let me know and I will try to clarify.
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    That is the hose to connect the propane tank to the side burner's regulator.  My side burner's regulator does not have a universal connection (I can't just screw that hose into it).  So I'm looking for a new regulator for my side burner (or an inexpensive replacement side burner that has a universal connection on it).

    I'm looking for the part of the side burner that you use to turn the gas from off to max....  my google-fu is failing me.
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    Off site link deleted per Jeff's updated Terms of Service.

    Original link was a search for "grill burner valve" on ebay. 
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    Nice! ... one of those has to work... I will compare with the one on my burner when I get home.  Thanks!  Will definitely post pics when i get it all done too.
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    Here is what everything looks like currently.  I fabbed the shelf brackets out of aluminum and I have some high heat black rustoleum that I'm going to paint them with.  Burner is on some angle aluminum that I painted with the rustoleum as well.  Painting my wood slats with the black paint too.  I'll probably hit the side slats with a coat of it too just for extra protection.

  6. nice job on the rebuild if there is a RURAL KING in your area they halve a good supply of that kind of stuff
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    Hey aaron, you can copy, save the image to a file and insert it in to the post of the regulator part so we can see what you have or need


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