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Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by kennethbane, Jan 16, 2015.

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    I'm looking at two smokers by Old country. The Pecos and the over and under. I find a lot of reviews on the Pecos and they are very good reviews for smokers in that price range. I like the looks of the over and under too,  but I can't seem to find a review on the over and under. What are the advantages and disadvantages between the two styles? Thanks!
  2. Ive got the over/under old country smoker. Ive smoked ribs and a boston but on it. It holds its temp pretty well at 225 and usually holds it for an hour before having to put on another couple chunks of wood. Ive read many reviews on other sites where people around ga/al were debating on getting a Lang or an Old country. That says a lot, because ive used a Lang, and they are pretty remarkable smokers. But for the price, The old country is just as good, all nicely welded, and if you ask, the people at academy may let you look at other smokers in the back, just so you can look at the welds, and get the one you think is best...if your that picky. Id say its worth the money, and would recommend it to anyone smoking in their back yard, or even competitions. Prior to this smoker, I had a side box smoker, it was just an old cheap char-broil. It did good at first, but after wear and tear, it got harder and harder to keep temps up. Ive had nothing but good smoking experiences with the new over/under. Not having to sit there all day watching my temps, instead i can pretty much put it on schedule, come back every hour and add some chunks.
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    Hi this is Kaymann, new to this forum. Great information on your reviews on the smoker. Anyways how many grates does the old country over and under smoker comes with. Thanks
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    You will have a hard time finding one with all 3 grates. One in the firebox and the big one up top is all you really need cuz the firebox grate fits in the top grate spot in the smoke chamber so you can mix and match for grilling or smoking or both if you so choose. Just take real good looks at your welds before buying and try to get you that 3rd grate from the store rep. I mean your paying that much you should get all of them imo.

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