Shrink Wrap on probes for the ET-733??

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  1.   I just received my Maverick ET-733 from Amazon and I'm really anxious to use it.  Any input for sealing where the wire connects to the probes with wire shrink wrap???  Would you suggest this???  I've heard with possibly keeping water out could also keep water in.  Is this just an an overkill and like with any electronic device...chances are in a few years, this thing gonna stop working and I'll just have to replace it anyhow...thx for the input in advance.

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    I have the 732.  I shrink wrap all my probes where the lead meets the probe.  I've had one unwrapped probe fail after only four smokes.  Maverick replaced it free of charge.      

    In addition to the shrink wrap I also wrap with high temp tape.  The tape is purely for strength to reinforce that lead/probe joint.  It may be overkill but it works for me.  
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  3. ...high temp tape???  can that be bought at an automotive parts store???

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    It is Scotch 27 Glass Cloth Electrical Tape, rated to 266F, but I've smoked as high as 360F with no problems.  Besides, I'm not protecting raw wires so I'm not worried. It is fraying on some of my probes.  When it gets too bad I'll just peel the old stuff off and replace it with new.   You can see the wrap and tape on the probes in the picture below. 

    I don't remember where I bought the tape.  It was in my rolling tool chest.  An auto parts store should have something similar.  

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  5. Gcancook , I don't have mine wrapped , wondered about it , but do well with a hole/gusset in the smoker(or through a vent) and do not wad the leads up when stored. I roll nicely , and store in my Combat Thermometer Carrier along with new Batteries and an eyeglass repair kit to change the old ones :

    to paint it a neat color , but my therms. stay dry , safe from dropping and easy to find (I store mine inside so I can calibrate easily when I need-before each cook).

    Looks like I have weapons to guard my "Que" . I do , but a "CC' thing... [​IMG].

    Have fun and . . .
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    I have several ET-732s and an ET-733 which I use at least one of most weekends. Of these I have only had to replace one probe in the last 3 years. As Stan says he does with his, I roll the leads up carefully for storing and I also only wipe the probes with damp scourer clothes after use and never get them near a bowl of water. I did shrink wrap the joins on a set of my earliest probes and they are still going, but so are most of my other probes too.

    You will not do any harm by shrink wrapping them but if treated carefully they should not need it.

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  7. ...thx everyone for the input. I put on some shrink-wrap on both probes just as a precautionary but I'll  be careful to keep the probes dry and keep them away from any submergence in water...thx again

  8. What I see are some FANTASTIC looking taters! 


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