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  1. I plan on smokin a shoulder this thursday. Lookin for ideas for a injection? Ive amoked three other shoulders but none have come out as juicy as i would like. I got a MES 30". Any tips would be great! Thanks
  2. i dont believe in injecting but, as far as moisture goes did u inject the others? and if u did, what did u inject with? how long did u smoke for? u trying to slice or pull? they have more than enough fat inside them to maintain moisture, so im not understanding really as to how "juicy" you want the end result to be. someone who injects will chime in shortly i imagine. good luck. heres a quick thread that has a couple.
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  3. Could i maybe try a small aluminium pan to hold the juices in? Maybe some apple juice?
  4. what r u trying to do? u trying to have sliced or pulled pork? you can put it in a pan if u want, thats totally up to you. again thats not something i personally do..i let mine bark up and do its thing. i normally just put in the smoker and spritz from time to time.
  5. Im looking for pulled. I have never injected before. The other ones took about 7 hrs. I guess im just lookin for a better flavor profile after i pull them. I do use a dry rub, and usually put that on for an overnight soak.
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    What internal temp are you taking the shoulder to?  That might be an issue of why you think the past meat as been dry.  Make sure you are taking it all the way to 200 or 205 degrees, take it off the smoker, wrap it in tin foil, place in a insulated cooler with a towel or two over it, and enjoy a beer or four. 

    Let it rest for two hours or so (you can do less, but I wouldn't recommend it), unwrap, and then pull.  Take pictures and make sure you let us know how much you loved the result :)
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