should i use oak or whiskey chips for pulled pork?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by bubba96, Jan 8, 2015.

  1. bubba96

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    hey there everybody this weekend im doing a 10lb pork butt and i usually use cherry or hickory wood for pulled pork. But there was a deal at my local menards whatever you can fit in a paper bag is 15% off so i got a bunch of chips. but out of all of the chips i got i want to use either whiskey or oak. Never used either and i wanted to know some of your opinions. And the pork butt has a sweet rub on it just for the extra information.
  2. bandcollector

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    The Whiskey chips sound interesting, but keep in mind the wood most people use is generally a matter of what their family and guests  like. 

    I prefer to stay with the milder woods when it comes to pork, but as I said to each his own.

    I'm sure there is someone on the sight who has used a multitude of woods on pork and will be able to lead you in the right direction.

    Good Luck and Happy Smoking,  John
  3. It has been said that fruit woods go well with pork. I have also used a lot of maple.

    Oak in my opinion is one of the milder smokes.

    The hickory and mesquite can be to harsh for a long smoke. each his own.
  4. bubba96

    bubba96 Fire Starter

    i think i will try out pecan i heard that taste good on pork 
  5. albinva

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    My preferences for pork are hickory and apple and sometimes a combo.

  6. timberjet

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    I have found oak is pretty light flavor wise, which might be a good thing. Apple, cherry and a little hickory for me.
  7. thesmokist

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    I've used the jack Daniels whiskey barrel chips and really liked them

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