should i remove this fat from my briskets? help me to know.

Discussion in 'Beef' started by bbqpit77, Jan 31, 2015.

  1. bbqpit77

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    hi there guys, well most of the briskets that i can get here comes like this, seems that there is a large portion of fat that can weight about 1 pounds in a 11-12 pound brisket. After i remove it, the brisket looks more flat. Sometimes that part should have about an inch or less, with or without meat. Is not soft fat. If you pull enough hard you can actually remove it with your hands, sometimes with a help of a knife.

    Here is some pics:

    Tried to put some lines so you can recognize what im trying to explain.
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  2. daveomak

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    I'd cook that brisket As-is...   I've had briskets with 25+% of fat on them....   Yours looks about right....

    This is from the 25+% fat....... brisket........  that's a 1/4 sheet pan....

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  3. schlotz

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    First pic's don't look that bad. Depending on method I wouldn't remove much.  Take a quick look at Malcom's video.  This method is what got me on the right path to very delicious brisket.  

  4. bear55

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    I do not remove much fat, if any, from my briskets.

  5. bbqpit77

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    thanks guys, your comments are really helpful. I did a brisket last week without that fat (it came like that when i bought it) and the taste was amazing, rub all around. Im planning to offer this in local events thats why im worry about too much fat.

    DaveOmak, the fat on this brisket is like yours, is not the soft one, its the hard one thats makes me feel that i need to remove it, of course im new on this :)
  6. daveomak

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    Yeah, but, you don't have more than about  5# of fat that can be removed without removing meat....
  7. bbqpit77

    bbqpit77 Fire Starter

    thanks Gary, on your last threat, on picture #4 is exactly how it looks if a i remove that fat thats why i got confuse because all the brisket that i see here doesnt have that part on it.
  8. Glad to help

  9. FAT EQUALS FLAVOR, if you are not competing in a competition i would leave the fat on and smoke with the fat facing up.
  10. bbqpit77

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    thanks dannylang, lets say most of the brisket will be for costumers, thats why im trying to figure out, most of the people doesnt like the fat but i dont want to affect tender meat or something else.
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