should I put a bottom vent on my smoker

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  1. Hi I'm Dave from Mass, pretty much new to smoking.

    I bought a Masterbuilt propane smoker last week, did a 81/2# boston butt in it for my first smoking, came out good, but I could have had a little more smoke flavor, going through the trial and error phase now, know what adjustments I have to make to produce more smoke flavor, easy to keep the temp. at 225 degree's with the propane.

    My question is should I put a bottom vent in the back of the smoker to go along with the one on the top, would it give me better air flow?, and how would I go about doing it.

    Any advise would be greatly appreciated.

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    Hi Dave! First, [​IMG]  to SMF!!! I moved this thread to "Propane Smokers" I think you will get better exposure for your question than you would in "Roll Call". So when you get a minute stop back by "Roll Call" and formally introduce yourself so we can get to know you!

    Now to your question, I don't think you really need a bottom vent, it is vented underneath around the burner so you should be getting good airflow from there. Are you seeing smoke or feeling heat coming out of the top vent? If so then it is flowing. I have a GOSM propane (very similar to the MB) and it flows very well without any bottom vents except what is around the burner.

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