should I just toss out the ribs?

Discussion in 'Pork' started by baldemotions, Jun 26, 2013.

  1. I have a cheep grillpro and have had these ribs on the smoker all day at a temp of about 150 because I could not get the temp up.  Now the temp is up, but are these ribs going to be all dried out?
  2. If they have been on all day. and they are 150 deg. If you give me more info I might change my mind............But untill then  Forget about dry. think Food saftey......If all day = 5  6   7+ hours.....yup FIDO gets the ribs

    Happy smoken

  3. Next time. I would just burn some fuel and learn your smoker. Seal up all the leaks you can find. Then do another test burn...Chicken is a good test piece. It can handle big temp swings. Take the time to learn your Pit.

    Happy smoken.

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  4. FIDO gets the ribs.

    My problem was that I ran out of wood chunks and I used wood chips.  I should have realized my issue sooner.  It was the one thing I changed from my very first smoke two days ago.
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  5. Good call! Happy dog!

  6. sqwib

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    Are you using this as fuel?
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  7. X2 on that question....
  8. dirtsailor2003

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    As in the Grillpro smoke box? If so it is a smoke generator and meant to only add smoke, not provide heat for cooking. You need to use it in conjunction with a gas grill or a charcoal grill. Tell us more about your setup and we can help you out better.

    As stated above food safety would be the main concern. You really need to take your meats internal temperature from 40*-140* in four hours or less.
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    Do you have the grillpro cabinet smoker? These units are either charcol burners or propane burners. You didn't specify what type you are using in your opening post. The cast iron box is to add wood for flavor and not meant to provide the primary heat needed for cooking as dirtsailor mentioned.
  10. what do u mean the ONLY way? what r you using for fuel? charcoal briquets? lump?..??? wood chips and chunks provide you with smoke. what else are you using for heat?
  11. charcoal briquets
  12. how many coals are you using? r you using a chimney full? sounds like youre not using enough coals....or not enough when ur supposed to. but from the reviews on that page that u gave arent too good and everyones complaints are heat management on that thing.
  13. I am using a chimney full on top of unlit coals.  I drilled holes in the side of the pan but I think I need to use the grate that is over the water pan for my coal pan.  It will lift up the coals, allow more room for ash to fall and increase the airflow.
  14. I can't help with that type smoker but I'll bet Phideaux in one HAPPY dog!  I only speak a little cajun. [​IMG]   I'm sure the guys will get ya sorted out.  Good luck.  Keep Smokin!

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    “Hard to control temps, to small, doesn't hold heat well.”
    “Can't produce enough heat to satisfactorily cook meat”

    Well the reviews kinda speak for themselves. Sorry you had a bad experience. 

    Next time try more charcoal, or build yourself a mini WSM. Roughly the same price and is a rock solid little smoker.
  16. sqwib

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    That's a start.

    If you can, take a bunch of photos of your next cook and I'm sure we can get you going.

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