Should I insulate my firebox?

Discussion in 'Side Fire Box' started by jugheadsrevenge, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. I currently have an small Offset smoker that I have started to learn to smoke with. I plan on building a Vertical offset I would very much like to insulate the cooking chamber since I live in a colder climate and like to smoke and grill even in the winter months. Should I insulate my firebox as well?
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    Ballast always helps , yet sometimes it can be more than it is worth. Cost of extra metal,insulation,filler material like sand ,etc.  One of the best heat retention products I have found are Firebrick. cheap ( I find them everywhere...landfills, backfill piles , laying around peoples houses (just ask and they will probably let you have them), and when old houses are torn down, the workers will let you have some, less for them to mess with...

    I place them in my FB and down the center of my Cook chamber and in Ohio's cold , keeps my unit hot and cooking fine. JMHO [​IMG]
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    When I added a turkey fryer burner to my firebox I also added a layer of lava rock. Found it just trapped heat in the firebox. Moved the lava rock to the cook chamber and covered with foil for somewhat easier cleanup. MUCH better!!!

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