Shortcut to delicious Asian-inspired pork/chicken

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  1. babsie

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    Here's a suggestion for a quick (in terms of hands on prep), spicy and delicious BBQ. Works great on pork or chicken.  I made pork country spare ribs.   After a quick brine, I rubbed this Asian spice mix that Costco carries onto the meat and smoked low and slow. When ready, I brushed on Korean BBQ marinade/sauce for chicken and pork. This stuff is wonderful -- spicy, not overly sweet.

    Served the pork over soba noodles dressed with warm ginger/rice wine vinaigrette. Could not have been an easier or tastier dinner!

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    I love Korean food! At my job we had a intern program with a culinary school in Korea. We'd make them cook for us all the time!

    Great looking smoke...

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