short probe cables or just me?

Discussion in 'Meat Thermometers' started by coryb, Nov 24, 2014.

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    I have 2 Maverick ET-732's.  Both work great.  One of the best things that ever happened to me using the smoker in fact.  I do have a complaint though.  When I smoke meat on the top rack of my 22.5" WSM the meat probe cable is just long enough for me to set the base on an upside down bucket.  The grate temp cable isn't much longer.  I'd like to think that a guy could purchase probes from Maverick or a subsidiary with at leat 4'-6' cables, but jumping around the web I haven't found any such thing.

    I'll expand on this a little as this seems like a really whiny gripe as is, but its pretty cool here in Iowa these days and I like to do a fair amount of smoking this time of year.  I'll put my windbreak up to stop the wind really well, but I lose a lot of heat smoking when the outside temp is in the teens and twenties and end up using more fuel than I would in the warm months.  I picked up a 25' X 48" roll of Reflectix from Lowe's the other day and plan to at simplest cut off a sheet long enough to wrap around the smoker in a cylinder shape and tape up the seam with aluminum tape to insulate the thing.  Problem is with these short probe cables my Maverick is gonna be dangling about 2/3rd's of the way down against my smoker.  What i'll do is cut a slit or even a small hole in the Reflectix to allow the probes to come out and sit the therm on a bucket as usual, but it sure would be nice if the cables were long enough for the therm to sit on the ground.
  2. Call Todd at A-MAZE -N products. He sells a 6' probe for the ET-732

    Happy smoken.

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    I recently bought a 22.5 WSM and the three foot cords for my 733 just didn't cut it! I got some 6' hybrid cords from a-maze-n products last week.

    While you're at it grab some pellets, an amnts, some qmats...

    A full box from Todd is a happy box from Todd!

    BTW, if you put a lit amnts in the charcoal grate you can use the WSM as a cold smoker!

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    I may drop A-MAZE-N Products a line here shortly.
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    Good,keep the money here, support the Site's best service. Todd is Amazing (pardon the PUN) [​IMG]  

    You could also contact the Maverick folks (if Todd is out) , and they will send what you want  ,  and their service was excellent ( in my case anyhow). I melted down a sending unit and they replaced it free.

    I have my name in for a really nice prize , Thurs, is my 66th ,and hope I win. I won't get anything as my Q-Bana is my gift for the next 3 yrs. [​IMG]  

    Have fun and . . .
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    I think it's a packaging thing from Maverick. My 732 came with "short" probes in the box. They are only about 30" long. This was a few years back when the 732 was first on the market. I bought some 6' ones from Todd. Now I have spares. I use my Maverick and use it as primary monitor on my smokes.


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