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Discussion in 'Pork' started by bombdawgity, Mar 6, 2015.

  1. One of our bosses is deploying for 6 months so we had a BBQ. I have been nominated as the shop cook so I decided pulled pork. Cooked three 10lb butts yesterday, decided to try hot and fast. Cooked at 290 with no foil (until finished and pulled) and it only took 12hrs to get to 203 IT. This was 9hrs in and the only time the door opened till pulling. Used the AMNPS with hickory and one load produced TBS for the entire cook:

    After seconds two butts were killed and the beans and ABTs as well. i had to stop mid serving to get some pics. Here is part of a butt with a couple of sauce choices:

    Also did a double batch of "Dutches Wicked Beans) minus the japs and pineapple. Did these today at 235 for 2 1/2hrs:

    And a meal isn't a meal without ABTs, also at 235 for 2 1/2hrs:

    The guy deploying had his wife make a cake (we defuse bombs btw):

    We definitely defused this one, only crumbs left!
    NOTE: all food was consumed and washed down with several rounds of spirits! Also I hope there are no bombs in the Colorado Springs area because the whole Bomb Squad is in a meat coma for at least a day.
    Thanks for looking,
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    Looks good!:drool
  3. Thanks b-one, that cake was the BOMB! Haha, sorry I couldn't help myself with the corny joke.
  4. Dang, I won't be in Colorado springs until Tuesday.... Looks like some good stuff. Never done a hot/quick butt, but it sounds like a good idea after the last one took 18.5hrs (it was huge though).
  5. Thank you,
    I love bark but I also love sleep so I'm still trying to find that perfect combo of temp and foil. I usually foil but I like the bark and I knew this was going to be reheated so I didn't want soft bark getting even softer, so that's what really drove me to try this. I liked it, I don't think it was perfect by any means but it's another tool for the tool box. I know each butt is different but at least this gives me a ballpark reference. The best part about cooking for people who don't smoke Q is that even if it's not your best cook they love it. There my guinne pigs so there starting to notice my experiments aren't always home runs.
    Thanks for checking it out.
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    BD, nice job on the meal,it looks excellent! Nice cake too![​IMG]
  7. Thanks for the points CM. It was a fun day, thanks for checking it out.

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