shoot, I hope this won't be a disaster

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  1. [UPDATE - see bottom]

    Dang.  I bought the MES 40 at Academy a few weeks back, and I noticed the temperature was 50 degrees (!) off, but then I experimented with deflectors and tried to get the temperatures to stabilize and thought I had.

    So today, I'm having the same problem - as a result, I'm struggling to get the temperature to 225, and I'm trying to smoke my turkeys.

    I just need to get through today, and then I'll either exchange it or call Masterbuilt about the problem.  I really want this smoker, and I'm sure I just had a defective unit.

    Meanwhile, if anyone has any ideas on how to trick it into reaching higher temps, let me know!

    UPDATE - ok, I'm confused.  Even though my temps seem to never get above 225, these birds (one 13 lb turkey and one 6 pound breast with both, both spatchcocked) seem to be cooking much faster than I expected or planned.  About 1:45 in, both are at 133 degrees.  Now I did let them sit in the kitchen for almost an hour before starting, and I assume I have to count that time in the 40-140 window.

    I have no idea why they're cooking fast, or whether there will be a stall, and the temperatures baffle me, but right now, I'm feeling pretty good that they're going to be great!
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    It seems typical that the IT in some meats heats up quickly. Remember that with turkey you're shooting for an IT of 165° and it can take a couple of hours to go up those last 30 degrees.

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